For many years our community has tirelessly initiated discussions about early-onset colorectal cancer. You’ve shared your stories and concerns about loved ones being diagnosed in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. And today is proof… your voices are heard.


The American Cancer Society announced that they have updated their guidelines that average-risk screening now begins at age 45. We applaud their work.


Recently, “Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiation before the age of 50 years: A Microsimulation Analysis” was published, which was a collaborative effort of the American Cancer Society, Fight Colorectal Cancer, Memorial Sloan Kettering in the United States, and Erasmus University in the Netherlands.


Research studies and publications build the case for change!  




You’ve been vocal and loud, and you’ve not let up. You should be very proud today.


But while we applaud this work, there’s still much more to do. We must keep doing research to understand WHY this is happening. Those are answers we do not know, and we need you to help us move the needle forward even more.


Here are three ways how to help right now:

  • Take the survey (your feedback will help us continue driving this type of research)
  • Read and share today’s blog (especially the tips on educating the public)
  • Donate to our Research Fund (ensure our work like this stays funded!)


In gratitude,

Your Friends at Fight CRC